Whether you require assistance when creating your canopy design on your pop-up tent, or you need to create an original look and feel for an entire event,
Kanopys Canada's staff is at the ready to support you in achieving your design goals. All orders may be accompanied by a mock-up or rendition, from one that simply
illustrates the placement of the artwork for verification, to one that provides a presentation-quality three dimensional rendering of your product in a virtual environment.
Detailed renderings can be an excellent tool for sponsor or executive proposals, and our team can even prepare the presentation materials to your preferred specifications.

The list below features all of our files to help in the selection, maintenance, and printing of your tent. Click on
the links below to begin the download process. All files are in PDF format and require a PDF Reader.

Try Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free. Click on the "Get Acrobat Reader"
link to begin downloading the program. Follow the installation steps and
then begin opening our files.

For more information contact us at or 1 800 268-9612

Aluminum Steel
Guide And Instructions Templates
Half Wall Set-Up Art Requirements
Parts List Locking Mechanisms